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Accidents at work are very common and can occur in any job. An injured employee shouldn’t be afraid consulting a workers compensation lawyer for filing an accident claim against their employer. After all, they have a duty to provide safe working conditions and if they don’t fulfill this then they are breaking the law, as well as putting the employee’s life at risk. Work accidents can happen regardless of the work place. Not only factory and construction site incidents are considered to be the only types of accidents which occur at work, but office environments have their own set of dangers.

Getting hurt at work is a stressful event to suffer through and so is the process of applying for workers compensation benefits. A workers compensation lawyer will be able to assist the person that has suffered an injury while at work by applying for their workers compensation benefits. The lawyer will need a variety of different documents when submitting an application for their client’s workers compensation benefits

The first form needed when meeting with a workers compensation lawyer is the employers first report of occupational injury or disease. The worker will need to provide their name, social security number, address, the occupation when injured, the extent of the injury, the wages they were earning at the time of the accident and much more information to be filled out with the assistance of a workers compensation lawyer to make sure that all of the required information is accurate. This form must then be submitted to the victim’s state Department of Labor office and their insurance carrier for the claim to begin.

Once it is filled out, workers compensation lawyer requires them to present it to their employer to have it signed prior to sending it to the states Department of Labor Workers Compensation Division. If the employer refuses to sign the form then the worker should submit it to the agency mentioned above along with a letter stating that the employer has refused to sign the form and doesn’t acknowledge the worker’s injury.

If a workers illness or injury suffered while at work is expected to last six months or longer then the workers compensation lawyer must file a report of extended disability form with their state’s Department of Labor. The nature and location of the injury on the worker must be provided on the form along with personal information of the worker that has been injured along with the injury date and the disability date.

Everyone suffering from an injury that occurred at work has a tough task in front of them on the road to recovery. This road to recovery includes filing for workers compensation benefits, hiring a lawyer, filing a claim against the employer and rehabbing after the injury occurred. A workers compensation lawyer will be able to fill out all of the required forms, which differ from state to state and submit them to the proper agencies when looking for workers compensation benefits. is a national service with Workers' Compensation attorneys, lawyers and advocates helping individuals apply for Workers' Compensation benefits
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