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ERISA* is the name of the law that governs most disability insurance plans provided by employers. This insurance is different from Social Security Disability in that it is provided by a private insurance company rather than the Social Security Administration (SSA). If you need help applying or appealing for Social Security Disability, click here.

However, if your employer has additional disability insurance (commonly referred to as "Long Term Disability") other than Social Security, and you would like to file your first disability claim, want to appeal a denial of your long term disability claim, want to appeal a termination of your long term disability benefits, or want to file a lawsuit against your disability insurance company, please submit the form below for a NO COST evaluation. One of our professional advocates or attorneys will review your application immediately.

The help of an advocate or attorney can significantly improve your chances of getting approval - get you approved more quickly - and increase the amount of benefits you are awarded!

Privacy & Security Notice: Your information is secure & confidential. After answering the questions, you should be contacted within 20 minutes by phone, email or both. The professional advocates and attorneys that sponsor our free evaluation service are highly skilled and can significantly improve qualified individuals' chances of being approved for benefits. All we ask for using this website is that once approved for benefits, you please email back a testimonial and to tell your friends and family about us, should they become disabled. is a national service with Workers' Compensation attorneys, lawyers and advocates helping individuals apply for Workers' Compensation benefits
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